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About me and this site

Oh God, it's me!I'm a lover of music, and avid maker of all sorts of electronic things. I've been making electronic styff, effect pedals and amplifiers well over twenty years. I have also played drums, piano, guitar and bass in various small bands and basements, but I'm not a "band person". I have a huge respect for people who can be in a band and for those who can handle that kind of social situations and pressure and turn it into an music and art. My best friends are musicians, so you might call me a groupie?

On this site, I try to provide information that was widely unavailable 30 years ago, when it was really badly needed. And it's time to forget cork sniffing*. Let's use that time to enjoy life and all it's benefits when we are still young, pretty and bendy.

I once played bass in a band called Moline. This is one of our songs from 2003. It's called A.M.

This is a bad picture of my only original Commodore 64 game: Turbo Outrun from 1989. Note the Knight Rider bubblegum stickers. You might say I was a fan of the show. And fan of the game too!

*The term is generally used to imply that these very people don't really have any experience with the actual playing of the instruments, but they are simply analyzing or evaluating tone based on (sometimes their own ideas of) theory or science, instead of just playing the damn instrument.