Do It Yourself effects & electronics

In this section of my website, I'll try to give you some hints, tips and maybe even ideas how to build your own effect pedals and some other electronic projects. Suggested circuits, classics and some other random crap I have build. I hope I can be helpful, but that remains to be seen. If you have questions or something else to say, please contact me via my contact page.

I build pedals on my own relatively standard format. This means big box (1590BB) and standard size PCBs and drill templates to go with. This is very easy and fast method for me. I have no intrest to measure and drill all effects separetly. I try to avoid paint too. I can do it and I have done it, but I think it's a waste of time. Prepainted boxes are ok, I use those sometimes. And I used to do very fancy texts for pedals too. You can see one example from 2009 at this page. I don't do that anymore. I use metal stamps on brass or copper plates. All hand cut and stamped. No lasers! I loooove that style. I'm very happy how my pedals look.