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Welcome to TG-Music cocktail bar...

Neon lights are buzzing and pool balls are cracking. Liquor is cheap and music is smooth, soft and quiet. There's a lady of the night outside, waiting. Asking someone to light a cigarette for her. Catching the eye of someone across the room. Are you lost, little boy?

Update 25.4.2020 Contact Form Online!
You can download all TG-Music
Eagle files for effect pedals here!
I have a working contact form here!

Update 1.5.2020 10000 views milestone

All work on this site is released
under CC BY-NC 4.0 license.
Thank you for your intrest
and views. I think I'll
had to build something special.
Like copper Tube Screamer! Want one?
Drop me a line, and tell me why. :)