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Tube amplifier schematics:
All these are drawn by me. Use at one's own risk.

Matchless Clubman 35 (1996)
Matchless Spitfire
Matchless Spitfire Reverb
Matchless Lightninig
Matchless Lightninig Reverb
TG-Music Reverb Unit
Silvertone 1301
Silvertone 1301 w/ EL90-tube
Vox AC4
Vox AC10
Vox AC15
5C1 Champ
5F1 Champ w/EL90-tube
5F1 Champ w/ EL90-tube and reverb
Vibro Champ w/ EL90-tube
Gretsch G6156 Playboy (2005)
DR.Z Route 66
ECF80 Amplifier
ECL82 Amplifier w/ reverb
Bad Cat Mini Cat II
VHT Special 6

Effect pedal schematics:
All these are drawn by me. Use at one's own risk.

TG-Music Big Muff
LPB-1 schematic Marshall Bluesbreaker 1991
Ibanez Black Noise BN5
Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay
MXR Distortion+
DOD 250
TG-Music Echo (Wampler Faux Analog Echo)
D*A*M Meathead
Mu-Tron Micro V
Modified Electro Harmonix Doctor Q
Fulltone OCD
Colorsound Overdriver
Danelectro Pastrami
MXR Phase 45
MXR Phase 90
ProCo Rat
Way Huge Red Llama
SolaSound Tonebender mkII
Schaller Tremolo
Ibanez TS808/TS9
Hermida Audio Zendrive

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