Stupid Mods

Here's another rant for you.

Alchemy audio did this to MXR Distortion+!I hate when these "solder jockey" types begin to modify pedals. First, they take the power drill and ruin your pedal forever. It's totally unnecessary to add clipping diode switch to overdrive or distortion pedals. First of all, as "a modder" you should already know which one is better sounding option. And if you don't know, talk with your client/friend/someone. They are probably just a clueless as you are. Give him/her your pedal to try for both (or all) options you offer. Don't send them to youtube and say "listen to THIS". Be professional! Don't use complicated technical terms to sound smart or like you know something, and never use buzz words like "transparent" or "Dumble-esque". Discuss with your client (or friend or lover). Talk with them about "the tone" not as a pedal guru, but as a fellow music lover. And never ever fuckin' drill holes to their pedals ever again!

And then there's true bypass

Keeley did this to Ibanez AD9!Holy shit! Is this the professional way to do true bypass mod to Ibanez 9-series pedals? Or any pedal? Is this something guitar players expect to see? And while we are at it, let's do that to vintage pedals as well. Because why not?

I shit you not, there is a simple and versatile flip flop circuit inside all Ibanez and Boss pedals. Apparently, it has not dawned on these modders that you can use that flip flop circuit to drive a (miniature) relay and build a true bypass that way. No drilling needed what so ever. If you are modifying a pedal you should first understand how it works... Right?

Dex Audio did this to DOD FX50B!

Am I innocent myself? No.
Have I done something like this?

Also no.

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