Tools of the trade

Tools. I like tools. We all do. Sometimes I like to build my own tools. Mostly some vintage stuff, but once in a while I might build something more modern or useful. Good example is my nanoamp meter. It is an old design, but very useful device today. Is it the most best and accurate? Hell no, but it is what I like to use. And that's what matters!

Sometimes I wish to save money. Like that time when I made few different punches for different style/size rivets. It took about ten minutes with lathe for one punch. Other examples might be some angled sanding blocks and other basic woodworking tools. Little things to make big things easier.

These are not recommendations. These might be ideas, but its your job to find out what tools you like to use. Because no matter what people say on the internet, best tools are the ones you use. The most accurate meter is useless if it sits in your drawer.