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About me

Lover of music, avid maker of all electronic things. I've been making electronic things for well over thirty years, since 1988. I started out with batteries and lightbulbs, build many kits in the 90s and got tangled up with effect pedals and other guitar related stuff in early 2000s. On this site, I try to provide free information that was widely unavailable 20-30 years ago, when it was really badly needed.

I don't do commissions, and I don't sell anything. I have extra PCBs for most of my pedals, so if you want one send me a message and ask. It makes me very happy if you've decided to build something based on my work.

All information and material provided on this site is released under CC BY-NC 4.0 license unless otherwise stated.


I'll always try to answer questions and help if I can, but I'm not going to participate in prolonged e-mail exchanges or step by step personal instructions. If you've build things correctly, they will work correctly. Every project presented on this site requires prior knowledge and experience. Sometimes in both hardware and software. And if you construct any mains operated equipment it is 100% at your own risk. Follow your local regulations.

I might add something mildly interesting here later.