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About me

I'm a lover of music, and avid maker of all sorts of electronic things. I've been making electronic stuff, effect pedals and amplifiers well over twenty years. I have also played drums, piano, guitar and bass in various small bands and basements, but I'm not a "band person". But my best friends have always been musicians, so you might call me a groupie?

On this site, I try to provide free information that was widely unavailable 30 years ago, when it was really badly needed. I don't do commissions, and I don't sell stuff I make. I had my own company from 2005 until 2011, and I'm not into business things anymore (if I ever was).

I don't have smart phone, social media accounts or active discussion forum accounts (anymore). Best days of forums are gone, and best days of social media never came. I opted-out. This is how I like my internet.

All information and material provided on this site is released under CC BY-NC 4.0 license.

I once played bass in a band called Moline. This is one of our songs from 2003. It's called A.M.

This is a bad picture of my only original Commodore 64 game: Turbo Outrun from 1989. Note the Knight Rider bubblegum stickers. You might say I was a fan of the show and the game.