DOD 250 Overdrive/preamp

DOD 250 SchematicI got back to pedal building in 2016 after about five year break. My first "new pedal build" was DOD250 overdrive/preamp. Since then I've built many pedals looking exactly the same.

My version is pretty much the stock 250 with no big mods. Only thing different is the big physical size of the enclosure. This is part of my pedal building system: I can build a lot of different pedals with same template. This way I can drill several enclosures at once, and use same basic PCB design. I use mostly 1590BB enclosures, because I don't like small boxes. Even 1590B is sometimes a bit too small for my taste.

I use TO99-package operational amplifier. Why? Because I can. Well, I can for now. I have small stock of NOS 741 op-amps in TO99 can. It's a quite random selection of brands including ST-microelectronics, Tesla (not the car company), Texas Instruments and some others. I have those, but I promise all LM741 chips sounds good in this circuit.

There are some empty holes on the board, if I like to build MXR Distortion+. And my pedal is true bypass, as it is the modern and easy way. But I'm not exclusive to true bypass.

TG-Music DOD 250 Overdrive/preamp clone is just one more version of this 70s classic. And it might not be the best DOD 250 version, but it's fucking good! This pedal has a big place in my heart and mind, because it rekindled my love for pedal building.

tg-music DOD 250 clone tg-music DOD 250 guts

You can download DOD 250 eagle .sch and.brd files here.

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