DOD FX25 envelope filter

DOD FX25 SchematicDOD FX25 is envelope filter from the early 80s, and a successor to very popular 440-model.FX25 hit the streets in 1982, remained for sale until 1998. That's a long time for effect pedal or any other electronic product!

My version is from the late 80s, because I use LM13600 OTA (Operational Transconductance Amplifier) and MC1458 dual op-amp. Later is in fact two LM741 op-amps in one box. Inexpensive and humble opamp, but it should not be overlooked. These old op-amps are very popular in effect pedals, because apparently, they have a very good sound. Apparently.

Better with bass?

DOD FX25 isn't a bad ”autowah”, but I think it's not very special. Most demos in youtube are played with bass, so maybe a bad guitar player (me) can't make justice to this pedal. For me, the humble Electro Harmonix Doctor Q is still the best simple envelope follower. I have the 1970s vintage one, so that's why. :D

Someday I'll build the legendary Mutron III. I have built the Mutron (micro) V:n and it's is "ok" as well. But number three is something very special, and I will make it special too! So at least one more to go... After that I can probably quit building envelope filters.

But what about this DOD then?

DOD FX25 envelope filter might be better with bass guitar.

tg-music DOD FX25 clone tg-music DOD FX25 clone

You can download DOD FX25 eagle .sch and.brd files here.

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