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News and some updates


I added a bunch of stuff from my "other home page", but I have to figure out some kind of menu or directory for the new pages. It's already a pain in the butt to update all the links and menus.

Also domain now redirects here, because I'm a proud neocities supporter! ❤


Here's another rant for you about bad pedal modifying.


Added a MXR Distortion+ rebuild story to mods section.
I also added a new series of short articles about components.


Added a Some of my diy pedal pictures to Do It Yourself-section.
So I'm not just words. And there is more to come!


Added a Fuzz article to DIY-section.
Also still upcoming is both LPB-1 and Electra distortion stories.


Added a Way Huge Red Llama suggested circuit in DIY-section.
Also upcoming is both LPB-1 and Electra distortion stories.


Created vintage section and four short stories about Boss SD-1, Ibanez PT-9, EHX LPB-1 and EHX Dr. Q.


Added Boss GE-7 and SD-1 modifications. Also created a new modified section to the site.


Site Created. Yay!