D*A*M Meathead Fuzz

D*A*M Meathead SchematicFuzz is not my thing, not at all. But I do try to understand what makes them so popular. I still don't know, but I'll try my best.

D*A*M Meathead is a silicon transistor fuzz face derivative. In Finland Silicon (Si) and Silicone is often mixed. I find it very funny. They use silicon to make fuzzes and silicone to make fake boobs. Anyway, meathead is a very good si-fuzz. It has no unnecessary fuzz pot, and that is a big plus! It's always full open anyway. I'm not a fuzzman, but this is my choise of fuzz so far.

I don't have very much to say about this. But I would like to point out some big bucks you have to pay for the original. I've seen prices up to 300€ and that's a lot for fuzz face. Even if it is as good as this. Build your own, it will cost you about 30€, if that. And of course, you can build yours in a smaller box. This will be a good candidate for 1590A project, if that is your thing.

You can download D*A*M Meathead eagle .sch and.brd files here.

TG-Music D*A*M Meathead clone TG-Music D*A*M Meathead clone guts

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