Minipops Drum/Rhythm Machine

This is another Jan Ostman synth-thing from Blog Hoskins. Very famous Jan-Michel Jarre drum machine clone. Again, it's not 100% clone of the original. But still, very fun and creative way to use Arduino.

tg-music Midi organ Schematic Strictly speaking this is not a drum machine... This is a rhythm machine. Jarre used his original machine by setting two or more rhythms to play simultaneously by pressing several buttons at the same time. This can't do that. But with this we can drop out some sounds from the rhythms. This will give some variables... But nothing prevents you from making your own rhythms and samples. This is a very good starting point to that!

I was hoping I could use this as a metronome replacement. So far, I have not done so, but I can't see any reason why it wouldn't be possible. For me rhythms or drum beats are much easier to play along with (in tempo!) than just plain metronome. It's a little like playing with a drummer (not, but still).

Big thanks to Blog Hoskins for making this project so easy. He has made a nice video with string synth and minipops.

Download the sketch here:
O2 Minipops from github

PS. I used a rotary switch instead of potentiometer for pattern selection. It's a 1x12 position switch with 1k resistors in series.

tg-music minipops drum Synth tg-music Minipops drum Synth

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