"Solina" String Synth

Jan Ostman might be a controversial character on the internet, but there's no denying he has made some fantastic and fun open source projects. Is this just like original Solina string ensemble? Hell no. This is a nice sounding, simple, inexpensive and fun project. Let's not take these things too seriously.

I'm not going to write a full build instruction, because Blog Hoskins has already done so. Go there, it's great.

This whole thing will fit into the Garagekey Mini keyboard. I decided to use some scrap plywood from a construction site. Because... it was near my work place and it was free to use. And of course spray paint the whole thing.

It turned out to be very cool looking thing! And it sounds great too. I like the red and black colors. I used same idea on my minipops rythm machine.

Let's see if I can make some sound samples at some point. Aforementioned Blog Hoskins has made a nice video with string synth and minipops. Two for one!

Download the sketch here:
String Synth from github

tg-music solina String Synth tg-music solina String Synth

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