TM1637 Wi-Fi clock

This is ESP8266 based Wi-Fi clock with automatic daylight saving time. So once you set it up, you don't have to change time manually between normal and summer time. Yes, this can be done and it takes just one line of code.

Clock is probably the most common Arduino project. And internet is full of them. Most are quite bad. I'm sorry, they are. I build few basic clocks with the usual DS3132 RTC and Arduino nano, but the damn daylight saving! I don't like to turn clocks. Obvious solution is Wi-Fi clock, and that's very easy to make with ESP8266 (or ESP32). And you don't need any tricks to make it work. ESP8266 has DST build in! In fact I don't bother at all with ATMega based clocks any more.

I like old digital clocks and clock radios, so TM1637 display is like made for me. It's available in many colours and at least two different sizes. And those are inexpensive! I got mine from aliexpress for 1€/pc. So I got like ten of them in different colours and sizes. Small one will fit perfectly in Hammond 1593 enclosure. One of my favourite project boxes.

One practical problem might be the transparent plastic for the display face. I use transparent coloured acrylic. It will have reflections so I sand it down with 2000 grit wet sand paper or red scotch brite. Red acrylic for red display and black for other colours.

My code has nothing special in it. It's in fact as simple and basic as it gets. Library's do all the heavy lifting and I can say "it's my code". And just so you know: I don't like blinking center colon. Especially at night it's super annoying. But yeah, you can modify the code for different displays very easily. Clock will show 0000 before it's connected to Wi-Fi, and "dOnE" for five seconds when connection is made. After that it will show... Time.

You can download the code here (github).

ESP8266 & TM1637 wifi clock ESP8266 & TM1637 wifi clock

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