Vintage magazine articles

This is a small collection of interesting (to me) vintage magazine articles. This is extension to my "Vintage DIY" series on this site. I have not build these, but I think these are all interesting and potential projects to concider.

10watt PA-amplifier
Amtron signal injector
Analog frequency meter
Auto Wah
Bantam hifi-amplifier
0-20V/1A power supply with current limiter
Add-on current limiter for power supply (50mA-1A)
Curve tracer for transistor testing
Analog capacitance and resistance meter
Crystal marker unit (oscillator)
Variable 0-16V 100mA power supply
Analog DC Voltmeter
Digital frequency meter
Rhythm and blues box drum machine
Small ±dual power supply for IC projects
Dual beam adaptor for vintage oscilloscopes
High impedance analog FET voltmeter
Fuzzbox for swingers (NPN Si)
Fuzzbox (PNP Ge)
General purpose amplifier (AC128)
Germanium transistor tremolo
Guitar sound intensifier
ICL7106 panel meter
ICL8083 waveform/function generator 1Hz-100kHz
Variable 1A power supply with LM317
Guitar fuzz pedal with LM748
Logic probe for TLL and CMOS
Marker generator for oscilloscopes
Accentuated beat metronome
Miniature oscilloscope (for audio)
Small hifi amplifier with ECL86
Analog high impedance mosfet voltmeter
Pong with AY-3-8500
Germanium transistor tremolo from practical wireless
Quiz Master game show buttons
Electronic roulette game
Scope and voltmeter calibrator
Signal injector
Another PNP-transistor tremolo
Tube tremolo guitar effect
Guitar "vibrato" effect from 1954
Voltage splitter add-on for power supplies
Twin-T wah wah guitar effects pedal

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