Eagle files for effect pedals

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Here you can download my Eagle files for effect pedals and some other projects. These are all FREE and open source CC BY-NC 4.0 license. I've build all these successfully. There is some custom components used, and some other errors might occur. That will be the point where you modify these to suit your own use. Just so you know... Most effect pedal PCBs are designed for 1590BB size enclosure, but I have few smaller ones as well. Other projects are more or less random. No guarantees or "customer service" provided. These are not complete projects and never will be.

Use this CAM-job to create gerber files for PCB manufacturing.

Download new Eagle Free from cadsoft page.
I use old Eagle 6.5 and you can still download Eagle 6.6 here.

>>>>>>>>>>>>All in one file: click here<<<<<<<<<<<<

Zip-file above includes these folders:

Analog Chorus (Boss CE-3)
CMOS Clock with display board
Colorsound Overdriver
Crowther Hot Cake (1977)
DAM Meathead
Danelectro Pastrami
Demeter Tremulator
DOD 250
Big Muff
Nurse Q
Fryer Treble Booster (1590B)
Fulltone OCD
Hermida ZenDrive
Ibanez Black Noise
Ibanez TS-808
Ibanez TS-808 (1590B)
Ibanez TS-7 SMD (1590B)
Madbean Ping Reverb
Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay
Marshall Bluesbreaker mkI
Mu-Tron Micro V
MXR Dist+
MXR Micro Amp (1590B)
MXR Phase 45
MXR Phase 90
Proco RAT
Schaller Tremolo
SolaSound Tonebender mkII
TG-Music Slapback Echo (200ms analog delay)
Wampler Faux Analog Echo modded (1590B)
Way Huge Red Llama

This list and zip-file will be updated when new pedals are build and tested.
Latest file: 12.4.2023 added Analog Chorus (Boss CE-3).

>>>>>>>>>>>>All in one file: click here<<<<<<<<<<<<

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